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Jessica Nigri nude celebrity Most of us know and love Jessica Nigri, right? I mean, I think she’s a pretty swell person. I first found out about her when Kassem G interviewed her on his show. Man, has she come a long way. Cosplay to cosplay, franchise to franchise, this girl has …

Jessica Nigri naked Jessica Nigri first showed up on my radar after she cosplayed Curly Brace from Cave Story. Applying that level of detail and craftsmanship to a relatively obscure character is the sign of a cosplayer who isn’t in it just for the potential fame and fortune.

Jessica Nigri nude celebs In 2009 Jessica Nigri first drew international attention when images of her cosplay ‘Sexy Pikachu’ went viral. Three years later Nigri again drew international attention when she attended a convention dressed as Juliet Starling from the video game …

Jessica Nigri nude celebrities We have a nice little video showing off cosplayer Jessica Nigri as Harely Quinn from Batman: Arkham Knight. Yes, Nigri is completely acting out of character here, but we are sure you will not mind, and if you are, this is definitely not the article for you.